All human trafficking survivors deserve to flourish

EverFree is a nonprofit organization on a mission to free communities from human trafficking and empower survivors everywhere to thrive in freedom.

United for freedom

For a combined 16 years, Willow International and 10ThousandWindows each helped hundreds of human trafficking survivors heal and integrate with dignity into their communities. But the problem of trafficking is massive and requires a united response. That’s why we combined our talent, expertise, and leadership to forge a new organization called EverFree.


EverFree’s unique approach attacks human trafficking at its core. We deliver survivor-informed, local-led, and scalable solutions that confront the systems that perpetuate abuse, spark human flourishing, and accelerate lasting freedom for all.


Our board includes dedicated and engaged leaders in a variety of cross-sector entities that help guide EverFree with a wealth of knowledge.

Join Us

Join a community of world changers who are creating a world free of trafficking where survivors flourish forever.