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Amy Rahe

Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships
Freedom Fund

Amy Rahe is the Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Freedom Fund. She is an advocate on the need for survivors of human trafficking to be included in more meaningful ways within the anti-slavery movement through avenues such as employment and leadership. She joined the Freedom Fund in 2020 and manages the major partnerships and engagements through outreach and public speaking while leading the fundraising and communications strategies of the Freedom Fund.

Amy is a passionate advocate for sustained liberation pointing to the need for long-term support to survivors and working to dismantle the root causes that allow modern-day slavery to flourish. She is an activist, storyteller, catalyst, and connector.

Prior to joining the Freedom Fund, Amy was the Managing Director of Survivor Alliance and prior to that worked at BlackRock as a Chief of Staff to the head of the Factor-Based Strategies Team. She taught at UC Berkeley on Domestic Sex Trafficking in 2013 and continued volunteering through MISSSEY as a mentor while working in finance.

Amy is currently part of the Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST) Initiative’s Steering Group and previously sat on the Steering Committee of Code 8.7.

Amy has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Every day human trafficking survivors are overcoming trauma and rebuilding their lives.

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