Every day courageous survivors are overcoming trauma and rebuilding their lives.


Marion, An Empowered Survivor Who Empowers Her Community

As a teenager eager to pursue her dreams, Marion was lured with the promise of an education in an institute abroad. Instead, she was trafficked, taken to Asia and exploited by a trafficking syndicate. Her experience left Marion depressed, sick, and fearful. With help from EverFree, she was able to undergo therapy and enroll in classes to further her education and career.


Shadia’s Story: “I now see a very bright, unlimited future ahead of me.”

When Shadia tells her story, she begins with that fateful evening her trafficker sold her a lie. She would travel from Uganda to Oman to work as a domestic helper. There, she would earn good wage that would transform her family’s future forever. With hopes and dreams in her heart, Shadia left her children in her mother’s care, and boarded the plane bound for Muscat, Oman.


Cora’s Story: “I am proud of who I have become”

Growing up, Cora was a prime target for traffickers. Her large family of eight lived in the Philippines. They were desperately poor and both her parents spent time in jail for dealing drugs. Because her own family was so dysfunctional, Cora often spent time living with her aunts. But while there was food to eat and a roof over her head, Cora was vulnerable and at risk.