Transformative solutions towards lasting freedom

EverFree empowers survivors and communities by deploying data-driven programs and solutions that effectively equip the global movement to end human trafficking.

How We Work

We develop and scale transformative solutions to end human trafficking so that all people can thrive in freedom and dignity. Explore our solutions below.


Survivor Care

We ensure freedom with dignity because we are survivor-centered. We listen to survivors to learn how they define freedom and connect them to the individualized care they need to attain freedom forever.

Empowerment Centers

Developed with survivors, EverFree’s Empowerment Centers provide education, scholarships and job training to ensure safe, dignified work and financial independence.


Safe Homes

EverFree’s trauma-informed residential aftercare programs provide safe shelter, individualized case management, legal aid, medical care, psychiatric care, and a community safe from exploitation.


Innovation and Scale

Through a partnership between EverFree and the UCI Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation, EverFree CEO Kelsey Morgan and Dr. Angela Robinson, co-created Freedom Lifemap in collaboration with a global cohort of survivors.

EverFree’s Freedom Lifemap is the first survivor-led online tool built for survivors and responders. The strength-based solution empowers survivors to define their own path to freedom. Responders identify root causes of exploitation, learn what programs are most impactful and effective, and connect survivors with the care they need. The EverFree Global Network applies these insights to scale effective prevention and aftercare solutions.

The Freedom Lifemap TECH PLATFORM

Freedom Lifemap sets a new standard of care for the sector. Survivors have agency to shape their own care and inform global anti-trafficking programming. And the global anti-trafficking sector has access to solutions that are survivor-informed, measurable, accessible, and evidence-based. It’s systemic, global change powered by technology.

“Wow! What this tool did in 30 minutes would have taken a case manager years to understand about me.”

A Survivor in Uganda, when using the Freedom Lifemap for the first time

Freedom forever


EverFree equips communities, frontline responders, and survivor leaders with strategic insights from the Freedom Lifemap to understand vulnerabilities, keep communities safe, and stop human trafficking before it starts.

We equip the anti-trafficking sector with strategic insights from the Freedom Lifemap.

We educate communities about human trafficking and exploitation to increase awareness of vulnerabilities.

We empower communities to take action to stop human trafficking before it starts.

Our 2023 Annual Report is here.

“The impact you see in this report is tangible – it reaches so many lives and has the power to transform the entire fight against human trafficking.”

– EverFree CEO Kelsey Morgan