Tustin Moms Take Action

“We got together through a bracelet!”

First bonding over a Bracelets for Change bracelet supporting EverFree (then
Willow International) at the community pool, a group of moms soon found a
shared desire to take further action. They decided to host a fundraiser to raise
awareness and support for EverFree’s work in empowering survivors and
preventing human trafficking.

“When I learned about the unspeakable circumstances that children, women, and
men were enduring it broke my heart in a way that I could never look back,” says
Elsa, Tustin mom and EverFree advocate. “Once you know you can never ignore
it. Knowing that I could impact a few lives through organizations like EverFree
was game changer for me. I’m grateful that I can continue to support this cause
through the resources available and that I can spread the word on WHAT human
trafficking is and how we as a community can help.”

The group of Tustin moms look forward to hosting the I Am Free Art Tour in

For more information, email getinvolved@everfree.org