When Rose* stepped through the doorway of the 10ThousandWindows Philippines office, she was anxious and concerned about her future. After being trafficked for sex, her trauma lingered and her economic situation remained dire. Mostly, she worried about caring for her child.

“I urgently need a job to provide for my son and contribute at home,” she told her 10ThousandWindows career counselor the day she started workplace skills training. “I want a full-time job that provides for my needs and the needs of my family. I feel pressure to work.”
Thankfully, this is just the start of Rose’s story with 10ThousandWindows.

In late May this year, Rose and 29 other survivors of human trafficking, violence, and exploitation started workplace skills training at 10ThousandWindows. One of the biggest challenges for survivors in finding and sustaining safe, well-paid work is having workplace skills that employers expect. Without crucial communication, teamwork, and time management skills, it is difficult, if not impossible for survivors to succeed in a new job.

Through your support, Rose is gaining the workplace skills she needs to get safe, well-paid work, and provide for her young child.

5 Ways Your Generosity Sets Survivors Like Rose Up for Workplace Success
Support every step of the way
The moment Rose walked through the 10ThousandWindows door, she was paired with a Career Counselor who will stick with her every step of the way. This level of support makes an enormous difference for survivors who have often lacked supportive family and social networks.

Setting goals and taking action
When Rose arrived at 10ThousandWindows, she felt helpless and broken from the abuse she had experienced. She still has a hard time believing that her life can change. But, working with her career counselor, Rose is starting to see glimmers of hope. This happens as she sets goals for her life and creates an action plan that puts her on the pathway to a good job that will help her care for her son.

Workplace skills the labor market demands.
To ensure survivors like Rose learn the skills they will need to successfully find and sustain a good job, 10ThousandWindows talks with businesses and employers about what they expect from their staff. We also ask survivors themselves what they wish to learn to feel more confident in their job search.

Opportunities for Education Scholarships
The minimum education required to get a good job is rising. Often, a high school diploma at the very least is needed to find safe and well-paid work. After Rose completes her 12-week workplace skills training at 10ThousandWindows, she will have the chance to apply for academic scholarships to finish high school, college, and vocational training.

Part of a community
Rose will find it far more rewarding to pursue challenging goals and take bold and brave steps towards her dreams if a cheering squad is pushing her on. As a 10ThousandWindows’ survivor, Rose is now folded into a community of support that will help her every step of the way on her pathway to safety, freedom, and hope.

*Pseudonym to protect survivor privacy

Our 2023 Annual Report is here.

“The impact you see in this report is tangible – it reaches so many lives and has the power to transform the entire fight against human trafficking.”

– EverFree CEO Kelsey Morgan