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Through this partnership, you can spread hope and transform the lives of 50 human trafficking survivors.

EverFree - Freedom for human trafficking survivors
There are 40 million victims of human trafficking every year

About EverFree

Every year millions of women and girls are enslaved and trafficked by criminal networks, individuals seeking to profit off their abuse, and sometimes by their own family and friends.

Most survivors don’t receive the help they need to heal and flourish, cycles of exploitation are left untouched, and slavery continues.

EverFree is on a mission to change that.

Together with survivors, local leaders, and our community of generous donors, EverFree works to free communities from human trafficking and ensure every survivor has the care, opportunity, and support to flourish in their freedom—forever.

EverFree's unique approach in belief that all people deserve real freedom

EverFree is on a mission to change that.

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing and most profitable criminal industries in the world. Exploiters earn over $150 billion annually which is more than US online retail and real estate industries combined.

Every day, mothers, daughters, and sisters—innocent people—are sold and exploited so that criminals can profit. Despite growing awareness of the issue, less than 1% of victims receive the care they need to thrive in freedom.

EverFree works in Uganda and the Philippines, both hotbeds for trafficking. With high unemployment, widespread poverty, and some of the youngest populations in the world, traffickers prey on vulnerable victims, luring them with the promise of lucrative jobs.

There are 40 million victims of human trafficking every year

Our Solution

Through Care, Capacity and Collaboration, EverFree helps human trafficking survivors thrive in lasting freedom and empowers communities to end cycles of abuse and exploitation—forever.



The day a survivor exits exploitation is just the beginning of their journey to healing and restoration.

EverFree’s holistic care programs help each survivor thrive in freedom.

⦿ Long-term mental and physical health care
⦿ Financial independence through skill development and education
⦿ Reunifying survivors with their families and communities.



We reach more survivors and empower local leaders faster by scaling our approach and fitting the needs of local communities.

⦿ Partnering with local organizations who know the landscape
⦿ Listen to survivors and encourage local leadership—we are 100% locally led
⦿ Mentor and develop survivors, law enforcement, and local leaders to stop the cycle of exploitation at the root.



Advocacy, prevention, and care are made better when we come together, learn from each other, and work toward a common goal.

⦿ Ensure survivors have a true seat at the table to create real policy change
⦿ Leverage best-practices and data to accelerate progress in the movement
⦿ A robust database informs us of what’s working and what’s not improve services for survivors

The Impact

EverFree brings freedom and hope to those who have been trafficked and equips local communities to end cycles of injustice.

EverFree's unique approach in belief that all people deserve real freedom

Impact this year:

595 survivors supported with holistic care in the Philippines and Uganda
120 survivors received basic life skills training
184 women and children received education support and scholarships
1,526 counseling sessions with survivors
37 survivors started businesses or secured employment

Once a victim of trafficking, Sharlene now helps other survivors.

Give hope to survivors with your gift of…

$50 provides one month of counseling for one survivor
$100 provides one month of safe housing and healthy meals for one survivor
$250 provides one year of health care for one survivor
$500 provides job readiness training for one survivor
$1,000 funds an educational scholarship for one survivor for one year
$2,500 provides comprehensive economic empowerment support for one survivor
$5,000 provides community-based aftercare for survivors
$7,500 provides one year of holistic aftercare for one survivor