EverFree and

Through this partnership, you can spread hope and transform the lives of human trafficking survivors.

Our Partnership Story

WOTC and EverFree’s partnership goes back to 2017 when Lisa MacKenzie (Executive at The Channel Company) met Kelsey Morgan (Cofounder and Chief Impact Officer, EverFree). Later that year, Kelsey was invited to present at WOTC East where EverFree’s (then known as Willow International) message resonated and many women raised their hands to get involved.

One year later, WOTC chose EverFree as its anchor charity with a focus on building a deep connection and commitment to supporting survivors of human trafficking. EverFree has presented at WOTC East and West conferences year over year and through the generosity of the network, we’ve raised nearly $175,000 and counting to benefit human trafficking survivors.

Together, we can free communities from human trafficking and empower survivors everywhere to flourish in freedom.
Involve your company in the following ways to partner with EverFree in the fight against trafficking.

Educational Empowerment

$15,000 → scholarships for 15 child survivors

$30,000 → scholarships for 30 child survivors

Educational scholarships cover the full cost of one year of education (including school fees, books, and supplies) for one survivor. An education scholarship gives survivors the resources and tools to rebuild their lives and pursue their dreams.

Safe Housing & Healthy Meals

$15,000 → safe housing & meals for 13 survivors for one year

$30,000 → safe housing & healthy meals for 25 survivors for one year

EverFree’s residential safe homes provide 24/7 care and support for survivors led by a team of trained professionals. Healthy meals and a loving and secure environment are the starting place for survivors to begin healing from trauma and rebuilding their lives.

Human Trafficking Education

$3,500 → 1-hour virtual session; unlimited participants

Educate your company about the realities of trafficking through a virtual awareness symposium. Your employees learn from EverFree about how we can all help stop this crime.

International Women’s Day Event (March 8, 2023)

$5,000 → 1-hour, virtual; unlimited participants

Host a corporate International Women’s Day event with EverFree. Rally women in your company to learn about human trafficking, hear from survivors and staff, and learn about the inspiring ways women and survivors are changing the world.

Custom Service Opportunity

Cost TBD → 1-2 hours, in-person

Partner with EverFree to create a service opportunity for your team that gives back to survivors of human trafficking.

Cost determined on content and location.

Freedom Empowerment Tour

$10,000 → per participant, 10 spots only

Join 10 executive women to help survivors of human trafficking in Kampala, Uganda. Volunteers will teach on-site professional growth seminars to survivors preparing to enter the workforce. Trip fees cover lodging and meals, volunteer projects at EverFree, and a 2-night stay at a five-star resort.

Travellers are responsible for vaccinations, visas, outside meals, and roundtrip flight to Kmapala, Uganda. Post-trip, companies will be provided with images and marketing collateral to promote philanthropic support for internal and/or external use.

Once a victim of trafficking, Sharlene now helps other survivors thrive at EverFree.

Impact This Year


survivors supported with holistic care


counseling sessions for survivors


survivors received education support and scholarships


survivors started businesses or secured dignified emiployment


survivors received basic life skills training

Your generosity and monthly partnership changes lives forever.


Can provide basic care supplies for one survivor


Can provide crisis support and care for a survivor


Can provide one month of counseling and mental health
support for a survivor


Can provide emergency shelter for one month for a survivor


Can provide comprehensive medical care for a survivor

Our 2023 Annual Report is here.

“The impact you see in this report is tangible – it reaches so many lives and has the power to transform the entire fight against human trafficking.”

– EverFree CEO Kelsey Morgan