Celebrate Juneteenth

EverFree - Freedom for human trafficking survivors
There are 40 million victims of human trafficking every year


As we build to celebrate Juneteenth, The Channel Company recognizes the past, acknowledges the present, and is working toward a future devoid of human slavery and trafficking. While Juneteenth ended legal enslavement in the US, there are still over 40 million global victims of human trafficking every year, with only 1% of those known victims receive care and support that leads to their freedom

Channel@Work is partnering with EverFree.

EverFree is a nonprofit organization that supports safe and sustainable pathways to freedom by delivering high-quality aftercare services to survivors while confronting the systems and structures that fuel exploitation

Your donation will contribute to their overall mission. Thank you for your contribution.

EverFree's unique approach in belief that all people deserve real freedom

The Channel Company will match up to $10,000 of funds raised by our employees.