From left to right: Glory, Social Worker; Sue Ann, Job Referral Assistance Program Counselor; Riza, Career Counselor, join the 10KW Philippines team this month, enhancing the quality of care for survivors of violence and exploitation.


Glory, Riza, and Sue are important hires who will positively impact the women and men 10KW serves.


“These hires are vital to our capacity to fulfill our mission.” – Dr. Laura Cordisco Tsai 


One key learning from 10KW’s Program Assessment, completed last year and funded by the generosity of 10KW donors, is the critical role 10KW’s clinical staff play in each survivor’s journey towards independence.


The Program Assessment was also a reminder that quality care for survivors of violence and abuse takes time. There are no quick fixes and no silver bullet solutions. As an organization dedicated to client-centered empowerment, 10KW heard this and is applying the recommendations in ways that matter: this is important momentum, growth, and progress for 10KW.  


“These hires are vital to our capacity to fulfill our mission,” says Dr. Cordisco Tsai, 10KW Program and Learning Advisor. “They showcase our commitment to implementing 10KW’s Program Assessment recommendations, hiring Filipina women, and enhancing the quality of services we provide.   


Hiring a social worker and additional counselors, which are a direct result of our donors’ generosity, will reduce the caseload of clinical staff and improve service delivery for clients.


Thank you for enhancing the long-term quality of care for survivors of abuse and exploitation, and improving their capacity to live safe, free, and hopeful lives.

Our 2023 Annual Report is here.

“The impact you see in this report is tangible – it reaches so many lives and has the power to transform the entire fight against human trafficking.”

– EverFree CEO Kelsey Morgan