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We Empower Survivors & Communities…

by deploying data-driven programs and solutions that effectively equip the global movement to end human trafficking.

How We Work

We empower survivors and communities by deploying data-driven programs and solutions that effectively equip the global movement to end human trafficking.

Innovation and Scale

We scale freedom.

Today, 50 million people are victims of modern-day slavery. Yet, less than 1% of survivors get any support or care. Anti-trafficking efforts must accelerate to respond to this enormous problem.

This is EverFree’s mission. As we scale our model, we reach more survivors with the resources they need to thrive and flourish in lasting freedom.

The Freedom Lifemap Tool

EverFree’s Freedom Lifemap is a first-of-its-kind survivor-led tech tool built for survivors and responders. The strength-based tool empowers survivors to define their own path to freedom. Responders identify root causes of exploitation, learn what programs are most impactful and effective, and connect survivors with the care they need. Our Global Network applies these insights to scale effective prevention and aftercare solutions.

“Wow! What this tool did in 30 minutes would have taken a case manager years to understand about me.”

Human Trafficking Survivor, when using the Freedom Lifemap for the first time

Survivor Care

We ensure freedom with dignity because we are survivor-centered. We listen to survivors to learn how they define freedom and connect them to the individualized care they need to attain freedom forever.

Safe Homes

EverFree’s residential aftercare programs help each survivor heal from exploitation through safe shelter, comprehensive care, individualized case management, community, nutrition, and medical and psychiatric care.

Empowerment Centers

Developed in partnership with survivors, EverFree’s Empowerment Centers provide holistic economic empowerment services including individualized case management, scholarships, vocational training, and job placement, helping each survivor achieve financial independence.


EverFree equips and empowers communities and responders to stop human trafficking before it starts.

We educate communities about human trafficking and exploitation, how to identify victims and report incidents, and how to support survivors in a way free from stigma.

Through trauma-informed trainings, we equip the justice sector to identify trafficking, support survivors in the legal process, and ensure traffickers are held accountable for their crimes.

We provide survivors, organizations, policymakers, and funders with survivor-centered data to scale more effective prevention interventions.

Rescue Freedom

Freedom is not attained the moment a survivor exits human trafficking or exploitation – it is a process of healing and stability. Through our research, we listened to a global cohort of survivors and, with them, we identified six areas of well-being that define freedom. Access to these domains is crucial in preventing vulnerability in communities and supporting survivors.

Health & Sustenance

Freedom, Rights & Safety

Housing, Infrastructure & Access

Finance, Education & Employment

Community, Connection & Engagement

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing