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Frequently Asked Questions

EverFree is a non–profit organization forged in 2021 through the merger of Willow International and 10ThousandWindows. EverFree combines the talent, expertise, and leadership of both organizations in delivering comprehensive aftercare for human trafficking victims while confronting the systems and structures that fuel exploitation.

Why did Willow International and 10ThousandWindows merge to become EverFree?
For a combined 16 years, Willow International and 10ThousandWindows each helped hundreds of human trafficking survivors on their journey to lasting freedom.

But human trafficking and modern slavery are enormous issues that devastate the lives of more than 40 million people annually. Despite the world’s collective response over the past two decades, less than 1% of victims receive the support and care they need to thrive in freedom.

Willow and 10ThousandWindows came together as EverFree to catalyze greater global impact. EverFree brings together the deep expertise of both organizations. By joining Willow’s best-inclass shelter model with 10ThousandWindows’ leading economic empowerment work, EverFree strengthens services for survivors, elevates quality care around the world, and empowers local communities to end cycles of exploitation

Every year millions of women and girls are enslaved and trafficked by criminal networks, individuals seeking to profit off their abuse, and sometimes by their own family and friends. Less than 1% receive the help they need to thrive and flourish. EverFree is on a mission to change that. Our vision is a world free of human trafficking where survivors flourish forever. EverFree provides a unique approach to fighting human trafficking. Through Survivor Care, Trafficking Prevention, and Innovation & Scale, we are creating a world free of trafficking.

EverFree operates care programs for human trafficking survivors in the Philippines and Uganda. EverFree’s support office is headquartered in Orange County, CA with a southeast office in Tennessee.

Yes. EverFree is a DBA of Willow International, a 501(C)(3) non–profit organization. EIN: #35-2534806


Every day human trafficking survivors are overcoming trauma and rebuilding their lives.

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