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Art created by survivors of human trafficking.

Through the art and perspectives of survivors, witness the movement from trafficking and trauma toward healing and hope.

Art by Rachael,
a Survivor of Human Trafficking

Rachael— survivor, artist, and advocate— was trafficked between the ages of 4 – 8 years old in Colorado. Through her teenage years, Rachael found art as a means of healing and expression of her trafficked experiences. Rachael is now married, a mother of two young children, and living in Southern California.

“I found my voice through art… I just want my voice to be heard because not only is it healing for me but it’s also healing for others.”

– Rachael

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Art by Survivors in Uganda

Stories of freedom through the brushstrokes of survivors.

Freedom means joy. Freedom means dancing. Freedom means hope.

Story of Freedom is Change

from a 14-year-old survivor

This face tells the story of a 14 year old girl who came to EverFree’s shelter tired, pregnant and angry with the world. She gave birth to a healthy baby named “Bright” and has changed from an angry girl to a loving young mother with hopes and aspirations.

Story of Freedom is Joy

from a 10-year-old survivor

This piece showcases one of our young artists who wanted to paint people dancing. She is a survivor of unspeakable pain, and yet her gentleness and joy resounds in any activity she takes part in. She loves fiercely and laughs without restraint.

Story of Freedom is Bravery

from a 17-year-old survivor

“I love my body, my skin, my teeth-I hope everyone can learn to love themselves too.”

Story of Freedom is Hope

from a 19-year-old survivor

“Hope comes after we cry. Even when there are tears, there can still be hope.”

This piece was done by a young woman who was trafficked internationally. She is pensive and thoughtful. Her smile, when she presented this piece, showed how proud she was of it and how she now has a place of belonging where hope can flourish.

Story of Freedom is Change

from multiple survivors 12-18

Two of the girls in the shelter are best friends and came to the shelter around the same time. One is a young mother. They share a room and take turns caring for the baby. They have goals and aspirations for the future— one plans to be a lawyer and the other a fashion designer. They had extra fabric leftover from a sewing project and their young sister advised them to incorporate it into their artwork.

Story of Freedom is Bravery

from a 15-year-old survivor

This young survivor became pregnant as a result of her exploitation. After giving birth, she became determined to give her son a good life. She knows that she is brave and resilient and has overcome so much. Her bravery brought her true freedom.

Story of Freedom is Resilience

from a 18-year-old survivor

“I wanted to show how we all have different faces to show people. Sometimes they’re colorful, but sometimes they are unhappy. I wanted to show the different faces we show others and how they can all be beautiful.”

Story of Freedom is Support

from a 16-year-old survivor

“I think about my journey, and all the people who have helped me turn my life into something good. They work all day and night. Whenever I need someone, they are there for me. Thank you to everyone who helps me. Especially my counselor, case manager and mentors. Whenever I need something, they are always there. This painting is dedicated to them.”

Story of Freedom is Peace

from a 12-year-old survivor

This piece was painted by a young survivor who had come to the shelter unable to walk due to a tragic accident when she was small. She had been severely mistreated by those who trafficked her which worsened her condition. She loves to dance, but she couldn’t without pain. In our care, she was able to get surgery to fix her leg and now she dances freely with her sisters at the shelter.

Story of Freedom is Family

from multiple survivors 12-17

The girls collaborated on each of the faces and gave each other encouragement as to what colors should go where. Through EverFree, they became like sisters and feel that this chosen family is an essential part of their freedom story. The girls huddled around the long table, music playing in the background with the other shelter participants happily observing and providing their opinions.

Story of Freedom is Growth

from a 16-year-old survivor

“I am fine now, proud and full of happiness, care, love and hope. I came when I was sick, but now I am healed because of EverFree’s support. I have self-esteem and have met my sisters here in a safe place. I have my future plans and I want to share so many of them with you. Stay Blessed.”

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