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We are very grateful to have an incredible network of partner organizations working with us in the Philippines helping survivors of violence and exploitation achieve their goals and dreams and stay safe and free.

Because we value collaboration and genuineness, itโ€™s important that as an organization we open ourselves up to hear the voices of those we work with โ€“ both our clients and partner organizations who also work with our clients.

Throughout the Program Assessment (1) conducted earlier this year, many of our referral partners shared their feedback and recommendations through focus group discussions and interviews. Their insight was valuable.

It was important, then, to circle back to our partner network and share what we heard, what we learned, and what we intend to do with the findings!

In October, Dr. Laura Cordisco Tsai and the 10KW Philippines Program Review team, including Jonna E. (Philippines Director), Janice U. (Philippines Deputy Director), and Rhea B. (Philippines Clinical Team Manager) hosted a Partner Forum to do just that โ€“ present the findings of the program assessment with our partners. Thirty-nine partners joined the event โ€“ a full house!

โ€œWe are affirmed by the findings and recommendations they have. They are very transparent and were able to identify the best practices in the organization. We are all in this together in doing more for the best of our clients.โ€ 10KW Partner at Partner Forum