Every day, women and children are abused and exploited, robbed of the dignity and freedom we all deserve.

But together, we can change that.

EverFree monthly donors are people like you, giving what they can, to help human trafficking survivors thrive and accelerate the end of exploitation.

Why give monthy?

Many of us subscribe to monthly services that improve our lives like TV shows, gym classes, meal kits, and more.

When you become an EverFree monthly donor, you invest in lasting value. Your generosity helps to reach more human trafficking survivors with the care they need to flourish, prevent exploitation before it starts, and scale our collective impact to accelerate the end of human trafficking.

Whether its $5 or $500 a month, your steady and consistent support helps to create the world we dream of where communities are free of human trafficking and survivors everywhere flourish in freedom.

Corporate matching can multiply your impact.

As an EverFree monthly donor, your generosity helps to:

Provide trafficking survivors with the holistic, survivor-informed aftercare they need to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives

Empower survivors, local leaders, and communities to prevent human trafficking before it starts

Invest in sustainable, research-based, and scalable solutions to end human trafficking for good

Other reasons to give monthly:

Together, we are stronger than ever. As a monthly donor, you join a community of like-minded and generous donors who are amplifying their impact and investing in the world they dream of.

Your monthly donation however big or small, enables EverFree to plan ahead and deliver proven solutions to restore the lives of survivors and end human trafficking.

Your monthly gift can provide….

 $10 – School and hygiene supplies for one survivor

 $25 – Comprehensive medical care for one survivor

 $50 – Trauma counseling and professional therapy for one survivor

 $100 – Educational scholarship for one survivor over the course of one year

 $250 – Entrepreneurship certification and start-up capital for one survivor to launch a business

Give Possibility

Your dedicated generosity and action help human trafficking survivors thrive in freedom.

Know Your Impact

As a monthly donor, you’ll see how your gifts make an impact through regular events and updates.


You are part of a community building the world we dream of and accelerating the end of human trafficking.

You Belong Here.

Join a community of incredible people just like you who are using their resources to bring healing, hope, and lasting freedom to human trafficking survivors. They are changing the future for women and girls every single day.

Our 2023 Annual Report is here.

“The impact you see in this report is tangible – it reaches so many lives and has the power to transform the entire fight against human trafficking.”

– EverFree CEO Kelsey Morgan