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The Freedom Lifemap


EverFree’s Freedom Lifemap is a first-of-its-kind online tool built for survivors and responders. The strength-based tool empowers survivors to define their own path to freedom. Responders identify root causes of exploitation, learn what programs are most impactful and effective, and connect survivors with the care they need. The EverFree Global Network applies these insights to scale effective prevention and aftercare solutions.


Freedom = Health and Basic Needs Rights and Safety Housing, Infrastructure, & Access Finance, Education, & Employment Community, Connection, & Belonging Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Freedom is not attained the moment a survivor exits human trafficking or exploitation – it is a process of healing and stability. Through our research, we listened to a global cohort of survivors and, with them, we identified six areas of well-being that define freedom. Access to these domains is crucial in preventing vulnerability in communities and supporting survivors.

Health & Sustenance

Freedom, Rights, & Safety

Housing, Infrastructure, & Access

Finance, Education, & Employment

Community, Connection, & Belonging

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing


An organization learns about the Freedom Lifemap and is interested in using it as a tool to meet the needs of their community of survivors. The organization adapts the Freedom Lifemap tool into their programming. They receive training on the technology and methodology.

Survivors select indicators they want to prioritize and work with their case manager to connect with resources and identify solutions.

After working on their solutions, survivors update their survey. They are able to see their progress and select new priorities. The organization can track outcomes and learn what programs are making the most impact and where there might be gaps.

Organizations can easily track patterns in survivors’ strengths, vulnerabilities, and priorities to collaborate on providing services that support lasting freedom.