On May 23, strengthen your body while supporting human trafficking survivors impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic! Join Breathe Barre and Pilates studio for a virtual Breathe Barre and Breathe Yoga class — 100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to 10ThousandWindows.

The Class

This class is a dynamic fusion between Breathe Barre and Breathe Yoga classes! The Barre tracks will focus on strengthening, firming, and toning your body from head to toe. You will be performing exercises that deeply isolate your muscles and work them to fatigue. The yoga portion will utilize conscious breathing and intentional movement to organize the body, release tension, and cultivate a meditative mind. All fitness and skill levels are welcome. Modifications will be provided.

Sign Up

Step 1: Sign up for the charity class on Eventbrite.
Step 2: Make your donation. Click on the link in the email confirmation that you will receive and it will take you directly to the donation page.
Step 3: Come to our Virtual class. You will receive an email confirmation with a link for you to access the class.

Our 2023 Annual Report is here.

“The impact you see in this report is tangible – it reaches so many lives and has the power to transform the entire fight against human trafficking.”

– EverFree CEO Kelsey Morgan