Ver Designs Revamps Willow’s Counseling Rooms

When survivors enter our loving homes, our goal is to provide them with a safe space where they can heal from trauma and reclaim their lives. Through private and group therapy sessions, counselors provide survivors with individualized treatment focused on complete rehabilitation. In the comfort of our counseling rooms, survivors process pain and receive the guidance necessary to begin focusing on the future.

Because of one donor’s talent and generosity, Willow’s counseling rooms were recently revamped to create a welcoming and relaxing environment. Susie Ver, Founder of Ver Designs, designed two counseling rooms and two offices in Willow’s aftercare homes. Volunteer Casey Hoins helped execute Susie’s designs on the ground in Uganda.

“I was honored to assist Kelsey in executing her vision for Willow’s counseling rooms as I am a firm believer in Willow’s work,” Susie said.

The rooms turned out absolutely beautiful and we are so incredibly grateful for Susie’s expertise in creating spaces where survivors not only feel comfortable enough to share their stories, but empowered to look toward the future.

Check out the newly designed spaces below. Photos by Candice Lassey.