RSM Provides Pro-Bono Accounting Services to Advance Willow’s Mission

At RSM, respect, integrity, teamwork, excellence, and stewardship are the values that define the firm and its culture. RSM is committed to their clients and the communities in which they operate. The team at RSM’s Irvine office has been providing pro-bono accounting services to Willow International for the last few years.

“Willow International is deeply committed to serving as many trafficking survivors as possible,” said Willow Governance Chair Ann Marie Mahoney. “We take seriously our duty to be fiscally responsible, ensuring every dollar raised is used to help heal and restore the women and children in our care.”

“Our partner, RSM, and their dedicated team of accounting professionals, has provided invaluable advice and support ensuring Willow has all proper accounting systems in place, and audits our work annually,” said Mahoney. “As a result, our organization is able to make ongoing organizational improvements allowing us to achieve our goals of financial transparency and fiscal responsibility to our donors, our partners, and those we serve—the survivors of trafficking.”

The comprehensive financial audits created by RSM also allow Willow to pursue grant opportunities from recognized foundations. Willow was recently awarded $35,000 from the Stewardship Foundation in order to fund community-based care for survivors of human trafficking in Uganda. Achievements like this would not be possible without thorough financial audits. With RSM’s partnership, Willow will continue to seek out funding opportunities and expand its mission in Uganda and beyond.