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January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month

It’s Human Trafficking Prevention Month and we’re taking some time this month to share some of the big issues that lead to trafficking, how our work is confronting these issues, and what YOU can do to help end modern slavery.

We’ve pulled together some resources to learn more and understand the issue better.

What factors lead to human trafficking?
How has the pandemic affected these issues?
How do 10ThousandWindows’ programs address these problems?
What can YOU do to help?

Keep reading to learn more, find resources, and get inspired to take action!

Ultimately trafficking is fueled by vulnerability. Traffickers hone in on those vulnerabilities to target their victims.

Poverty & Human Trafficking
About Modern Slavery

Stacked Odds (Walk Free Foundation)

What Fuels Trafficking? (UNICEF)

Addressing the Root Causes of Trafficking (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)

The impact of COVID-19 on global poverty under worsening growth and inequality, World Bank

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on survivors of human trafficking in the Philippines, (Laura Cordisco Tsai, Ph.D. & Jonna Eleccion), Slave Free Today

Profits and poverty: The economics of forced labour (International Labour Organization)

Education Gives Survivors Sustainable Freedom

Link Between Education & Earnings (World Bank)

Covid-19 Education Response (UNESCO)

How Covid-19 is changing the world’s children (BBC)

Jobs must be part of the solution to human trafficking (The Hill)

Towards Demand-Driven, Empowering Assistance for Trafficked Persons (Issara)

As the Global Economy Melts Down, Human Trafficking is Booming (Foreign Policy)

An Introduction to Human Trafficking (UNODC)