Help Us Welcome Willow’s First Legal Fellow

Willow International recently selected its first fellow to join the Legal Services Program. The fellowship will provide law students with the opportunity to assist with preparing cases and conducting research in support of Willow’s victim advocacy efforts. It will also provide the next generation of lawyers with exposure to the anti-trafficking movement.

After an initial screening through Pepperdine and subsequent interviews with Willow, Karin Lang was selected as Willow’s inaugural fellow. Karin will travel to Uganda in May to work under Martha Agaba, Willow’s Legal Services Director. A first-year student at Pepperdine School of Law, Karin brings incredible passion and knowledge to the program.

Karin is a California native with international roots. She was born and raised in California, but her family is originally from Israel. She graduated from UCLA in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Karin says that law school was always part of her plan, but that human trafficking law is a newer interest. While at UCLA, Karin took a class that opened her eyes to the subject.

“I took a class called ‘Sexual Exploitation of the Sex Industries’ which delved into the true nature of human trafficking and what life looks like for trafficking victims,” Karin said. “We learned so much about the circumstances and helplessness surrounding human trafficking and the lack of aid available to victims.”

Following the class, Karin knew she wanted to put the knowledge she gained to use. She then attended a lunch at Pepperdine where a panel of lawyers specializing in human trafficking and victim relief came to speak. The event built upon her undergraduate interest in the subject and she decided to dedicate her career to human trafficking law.

“When the applications for the Global Justice programs came out and Willow was listed, I knew participating in the Willow program was how I wanted to spend my summer,” Karin said. “I cannot express how much I am looking forward to being a part of this amazing program.”

The Willow team is equally enthusiastic to have Karin as its first legal fellow. Karin’s passion for fighting human trafficking and her commitment to helping victims is inspirational. We are confident she will do great work combatting trafficking both this summer and throughout her career. Welcome to Willow, Karin!