Guest Blog: US Storage Centers Supports Willow International

US Storage Centers is partnering with Willow International in support of their inspiring cause. Willow International’s mission to end human trafficking through survivor rescue and restoration, partnerships, and prevention is a goal that US Storage Centers is passionate about. US Storage Centers admires and commends the positive change this organization is making in the lives of human trafficking survivors and is working to support Willow’s efforts.

Drew Hoeven, President and Chairman of Westport Properties, Inc. and US Storage Centers, Inc. stated “US Storage Centers is proud to contribute to such a meaningful cause. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Willow International and making a difference in the lives of human trafficking victims everywhere.”

US Storage Centers has a history supporting various organizations and nonprofits – from animal shelters and child hunger programs to science museums and education initiatives. Reaching out to local community charities is one of the company’s core values.

Human trafficking is seldom discussed in mainstream news but it remains a very serious and prevalent issue. Human trafficking activities have been rampant for thousands of years, and includes forced labor and sexual slavery. Human trafficking affects everyone; it does not distinguish by race, age, or sex.

US Storage Centers is optimistic that with the right amount of advocacy and continued support of organizations like Willow International, we can eradicate human trafficking across the globe.