Favor and Bright were just 9 and 11 when they were trafficked. But their story doesn’t end there.

Favor and Bright were just nine and eleven years old when they were trafficked.

When their father heard of a children’s home that promised free education, he dropped the girls off and they never heard from him again.

Instead of a safe place to learn math, history, reading, and writing, the Director
trafficked them. He sexually exploited Favor and Bright and dozens of other innocent
children – for years.

But that isn’t where Favor and Bright’s story ends.

Favor and Bright were referred to EverFree’s aftercare program in Uganda. There, the girls began to feel safe. They received medical care, counseling, legal aid, and education.

Over several months, frontline staff in Uganda were able to find Favor and Bright’s mother and give her the support she needed to provide for her daughters.

Today, the girls are thriving in their mom’s care.