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Ending human trafficking begins with awareness

January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. Organizations, individuals, and advocates, including 10ThousandWindows, are working together to generate awareness about ending human trafficking.

Human trafficking, though it impacts 40 million people globally every year, is still a largely hidden issue.

What is human trafficking?

Slavery is not a thing of the past. In fact, it is a current, multi-billion dollar global industry. Every year, millions of people are trapped, coerced, and exploited in commercial sex or forced labor. This is human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery.

What you can do about it

– Learn more about human trafficking and know the facts.

– Learn how 10ThousandWindows is responding to a higher risk of suicide among human trafficking survivors in the Philippines.

– Follow 10ThousandWindows on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn for regular updates about human trafficking.

– Read stories of survivors and be inspired by what they have overcome.

– Get involved with 10ThousandWindows – host an event or become a Pathway Partner.

– Spread the word – ending human trafficking begins with awareness!

How 10ThousandWindows confronts human trafficking

Most human trafficking survivors we work with ended up exploited after searching for a job. This story is far too common. Many victims we serve come from desperately poor communities with few opportunities for education or safe employment. These circumstances create perfect conditions for modern slavery and human trafficking to thrive.

Unless victims of trafficking have immediate access to good jobs post-trafficking, they remain at high risk for re-exploitation. That’s why 10ThousandWindows works at the intersection of poverty, human trafficking, and economic opportunity. When victims get job-readiness training and find safe work, they can stop the cycle of slavery in their life.