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Emily Fan

General Counsel
David & Lucile Packard Foundation

Emily Fan serves as Deputy General Counsel to the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Emily has spent her career in the social impact space, advising global organizations focused on community development, gender equity, and racial justice. She also serves as an advisor to Invest for Better which catalyzes women to invest according to their values and volunteers with a local gardening group.

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Every day human trafficking survivors are overcoming trauma and rebuilding their lives.

A Bright Future for Aina

A relative coerced Aina, 15, into online sexual exploitation. Through EverFree’s support, Aina is thriving and dreams of helping others.
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Marion Leads the Way

Trafficking once shattered her dreams. Now, Marion uses her experience and voice to empower other survivors and lead her community.
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Powerful by Design, Sharlene’s Story

Once a victim of human trafficking, Sharlene now employs other survivors in her fashion business, empowering sustainable freedom.
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