About EverFree

EverFree is a non-profit organization that

accelerates freedom for human trafficking survivors around the world.

There are 40 million victims of human trafficking every year

There are over 40 million victims of human trafficking every year and less than 1% receive the care and support they need to thrive in freedom.

Too often, survivors are not asked what they need to be free and the root causes of trafficking are not addressed.

EverFree’s unique approach is rooted in our fundamental belief that all people deserve real freedom that lasts.

We support safe and sustainable pathways to freedom by delivering high-quality aftercare services to survivors while confronting the systems and structures that fuel exploitation.

EverFree's unique approach in belief that all people deserve real freedom

Our Work



EverFree operates world-class programs. Our Centers of Excellence and Innovation deliver comprehensive care and prevention programs rooted in best practice and the latest research. Because our work is grounded in direct service, we can pilot promising interventions and continually adapt interventions to attain optimal results. We innovate, identify trends, and work in direct collaboration with survivors who help design and provide feedback for all programs.



EverFree builds capacity around the world. We saturate the world with proven solutions that bring lasting freedom and end systems and cycles of injustice. It takes an army of people around the world implementing high-quality programs and interventions that are tailored to the unique needs of their location and the individuals they serve.



EverFree’s global network collaborates to end human trafficking and amplify impact. We connect frontline responders and survivor leaders to share best practices and innovation, support and encourage each other, and facilitate global coordination and collaboration. This powerful exchange among those closest to the problem drives the highest propensity for impact and accelerates the end of trafficking.

Know the Signs of Trafficking