About EverFree

Together, we are building a world free of human trafficking where survivors flourish forever.

Human trafficking is a deep injustice that robs millions of women and girls of dignity, hope, and a future. But together, we work to free communities from human trafficking and ensure every survivor has the care, opportunity, and support to flourish in their freedom – forever.

Our Story

EverFree's unique approach in belief that all people deserve real freedom

For a combined 16 years, Willow International and 10ThousandWindows each helped hundreds of human trafficking survivors heal and integrate with dignity into their communities. But the problem of trafficking is massive and requires a united response. That’s why we combined our talent, expertise, and leadership to become a new organization called EverFree.

Meet Our Team

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Our Donors Promise


Local Led

Our programs are locally led. We trust and value local leaders and partner with grassroots organizations to help survivors and their communities thrive in freedom.



We take your generosity seriously. You can trust us to make wise financial decisions and report on the impact of your gifts. Financial Information


Dignity First

We listen and learn from survivors and local leaders. We honor survivor stories and voice in all we do.

Join us as we work together to free communities from trafficking and help survivors flourish in freedom – forever.